CDBWM5102-M-1 evaluation board


I have purchased CDBWM5102-M-1 audio codec from digikey. I need schematic for this , kindly help me out.

I want to interface with imx6 to this audio codec.

My order id is 64203876


Hi @kannan3976, did they ship anything inside the box? CD/etc?

I’ve only been able to find:

Edit: i did find this release:

As we only have a picture of the bottom of the board (with no useful marks), it looks very close, but I can’t personally confirm. Since you have the board, open up “WM5102-6271-CS137-M-PCB-REV2.03.pdf” and please compare with your pcb.


I also found the following:

Not sure if will be meaningfully different from what Robert posted, but hopefully this helps.