DigiKey Part Number 598-1154-ND

I have planned to buy the part but before that I would like to ensure what are the things will come along with the part. Because Any company selling development boards, they should give
1-The board
2-Software to use it
3-Manual to understand and use the board
4-Schematic of the board with Bill of Materials
5-Source Code in C language.

On your website just you have posted the board picture and connecting 1 wire. There is no other details. Hence kindly confirm me how I will get the points 2 to 4.

Based on your reply I will place order with you.

Awaiting your reply.

Sankar B.

Welcome to the forum.

On the product page

there is a link to the data sheet.

Didn’t notice any source code in the data sheet and the software screenshots look like Windows XP, so I wouldn’t hold out much hope for good evaluation software that will run on a modern PC.

On top of that the DigiKey page says:

Last Time Buy Date: 9/1/2024

and the Cirrus Logic page says the part is discontinued

So, I’d choose a different part to evaluate, one that not obsolete.

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Pls tell me, what else board you will suggest instead CDB4385.

I don’t have any suggestion for a high end audio DAC integrated circuit to use instead of the obsolete CS4365/85.

If all you want is a functional high end audio DAC system to use, I recommend you look at actual products, not integrated circuit development boards.