CUI AMT Encoder Replacement

If you have an iteration of a CUI encoder that begins with the prefix AMT and you need a replacement that we don’t currently stock, most likely this would be a special “non-catalog” order for us which may involve manufacturer lead-time and possible minimum order quantity. Programmable options shown on below link would be a programmable alternative to use, just stay within the same AMT series.

The programming is simple, setting a 4 position DIP switch so the output resolution will match the original. The datasheet showing the DIP switch program sequence is on below products link. Also included are shaft adapters, to help fit multiple shaft sizes. Please verify as there may be mounting/termination or other differences:

Click here for programmable AMT encoders.

AMT Series Part Numbers

AMT103-V AMT102-V AMT112S-V AMT113S-V AMT112Q-V AMT313Q-V AMT312S-V AMT312Q-V AMT313S-V AMT312C-V AMT113Q-V AMT222B-V AMT132S-V AMT132Q-V AMT312D-V AMT222A-V AMT223B-V AMT133S-V AMT333S-V AMT332S-V AMT133Q-V AMT333D-V AMT332D-V AMT223A-V

102-1308-ND 102-1307-ND 102-3316-ND 102-3317-ND 102-3319-ND 102-3367-ND 102-3370-ND 102-3366-ND 102-3371-ND 102-3368-ND 102-3318-ND 102-5923-ND 102-6644-ND 102-6645-ND 102-3369-ND 102-5921-ND 102-5924-ND 102-6646-ND 102-6650-ND 102-6648-ND 102-6647-ND 102-6651-ND 102-6649-ND 102-5922-ND

The TechForum Cross Reference category is for parts that Digi-Key does not sell or parts that have gone obsolete. Our Engineers and Techs have reviewed the specifications for these parts and made a recommendation for a replacement. Please review the suggested part to ensure it will work for your application.