Cycle time of DC Barrel Jack connector (male)

Hi there,

I’m looking to use a 5.5 x 2.1 mm barrel jack adapter in a high wear, multi-cycle application. The part I would like to use is 1568-1509-ND (Sparkfun P/N PRT-10287). I can’t find any cycle life information online for these male connectors, only female. Does anyone have any info here?


most parts do not have life cycles, as it has more to do with sales of the part. but there is other manufacture that also have a similar part. As of now the part is Active.

“Cycle life” and “life cycle” tend to carry different connotations…

Typical spec (where available) is around 5K mating cycles for connectors of the type. Insofar as they’re something of a consumer commodity product, most decent examples would likely come in around the same figure.