Proper Female Mating for Barrel Jack Connector 5.5X2.1MM

I would like to get the female mating product for this barrel jack with DGK PN : 839-1512-ND
in this link


From the product page linked, select “industry recognized mating diameter” and click “find similar” to identify products in that same family that share this characteristic.

From those results, one can filter by attributes such as gender, mating length, stock levels, etc. to further refine the options presented.

Also, please note that there are a substantial number of 2.1x5.5mm barrel connectors available as cable assemblies, which may offer greater convenience than a plain connector.

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Simplest solution would be a rewireable 5.5*2.1mm plug: V02 GlobTek, Inc. | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

Or, if you are after a cable + plug, see this list of suitable options: Cable Assemblies | Barrel - Power Cables | DigiKey


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