Female Receptacles for These Male Plugs (listed in description)

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I am in need of the female receptacles that match these parts:





Also, if you happen to know the AWG of these that would be helpful too.



The easiest way to identify mating connector products is to scroll down the product page for an item of interest, and check for listed mating products.

Because maintaining such listings is a rather large undertaking, not all products will necessarily have mates listed. In these cases, another technique (again starting from the product page) is to use the product attribute check boxes to select for characteristics that mating products are likely to share (I would suggest manufacturer, series, and number of positions in this case) and then click “view similar” From that point, the remaining filters can be used to select an item of interest, such as whether one prefers a free-hanging or panel-mounted version.

On the question of compatible wire sizes, this information should be available from the product datasheets/documentation. In general however, compatible wire sizes tend to correlate with a connector’s indicated current rating; a connector rated for 20A per circuit will typically be compatible with wire sizes in the vicinity of about 14AWG.

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Perfect, thanks for the help