Help identifying a circular connector


I am looking for both a male and female version of this connector. Diameter to the inside edge of the plastic is .618"
Outside diameter is approx .75"
1->2, 2->3, 3->4 pitch all appear to be .145"
4->5 appears to be .170"
6->all others is about .173", and 6 is centred.
Depth of the outer is approx 0.5"
Male will be free-hanging, cable-end type using 20-22ga wire.
Female can be panel mount like the one shown.



closest I could locate according to the picture provided that are in stock
see below

1003-1250-ND mate 1003-1249-ND
SC2664-ND mate SC2862-ND


I found those too, but the orientation is a little off. I’ll see if that is detrimental, or not…