Need help finding a set of connectors

Hi there

I need a circular connector onto my box, the connector should be at least 10pin and the diameter of the circular part should be smaller than 1.6cm. I need 2 part of it, one part mounted onto the box and connected to the circuit inside the box and another connected to the cable and can pair with the connector on the box. Do you guys have any idea of what type of connector I should use? If you can provide specific part numbers that would be great.


Hello @chushizai1998

Thank you for your inquiry. We are unable to search for the connectors by the size of the circular part. We can search by the number of contacts, but there are many options of 10 or more contacts for circular connectors.

Please check our Circular Connector options, and if you can find a connector, we can help you find its mating connector.