Connector for 1754-1332-ND‎ (ABB-02PMFS-LC7001)

I’m making an enclosure box with a female receptacle 1754-1332-ND‎ (ABB-02PMFS-LC7001)‎.
Would this male connector {1754-1371-ND‎ (‎BD-02BFMA-LL7001‎)} work with the female receptacle above? If there is any tips on how to double check it, please let me know. I tried to look at the drawing for both parts but they are not very clear. Thanks in advance for your help. Capture

Hello ExploringElectronics, Welcome to the Forum.

Yes you are correct. Those two parts will mate together.

Looking at the Product Attributes of the connector is a good reference.
Staying in the same Series will be the best way to start.

If you have a receptacle with female contacts then you will need the mate which will have to be a plug with male contacts.
Whichever combination of housing and contacts you do for one you have to have the Opposite for the other.

You do need to make sure the number of contacts will be the same.
For circular connectors the Shell size will need to stay the same. This will make both parts the same size diameter.

These connector state they have a bayonet locking style. That too you will want to keep the same. There could be different styles depending on connector series.

I hope this will help clarify your questions, but feel free to ask more questions and we can explain more about it.


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In addition to the information Paul posted, you can often use the series link on a product page to find related products. Choosing Circular Connectors from that list will allow you to choose attributes that match, but in the opposite gender, from the same series.

I also checked the Amphenol LTW site for any mating products that might be listed for either product code you posted. Their lists aren’t complete, but for BD-02BFMA-LL7001, a mating part was listed that was very similar to ABB-02PMFS-LC7001. I only found a difference in the current rating, so it’s nearly certain that BD-02BFMA-LL7001 would work.

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Hi Paul and Bill,

Thanks to both of you for your detail explanation, I learned a lot about finding the right mating part for these circular connectors. :slight_smile: