Hi I need the male plug part. Is this part number for the male and female please ?

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That part number is for the plug, with female sockets. The mating parts would be receptacles with male pins- here are the options we have listed as in stock:


Thanks Chris,
The part I have is 339-PT02E-14-18P-ND what I need is the mating part for this. Can you point me in the right direction please ?

Take a look here Click Here

Sorry guys but I have the part I sent the No. for 339-PT02E-14-18P-ND and all I want is the part that plugs into it. You’re showing me a list of parts with not too great photos and descriptions like male pins female plug I have no idea what is what.

The data sheet shows that for PT102E panel mount sockets the mating connector choices are PT106E (straight) & PT108E (right angle)

On the PT02E-14-18P page, in the Mating Products page section it lists:

Any of those three plugs will fit in the PT02E-14-18P socket.

Check out the data sheet for more information on all four parts.

Thank you Paul