Datasheet for 9C08052A1020FKHFT

Is there an available datasheet for Yageo P/N 9C08052A1020FKHFT? I am looking for some more specifics on the part (e.g. maximum rated voltage), but the information is not available on the “product selection guide” that is linked as the datasheet on the listing.

For lower-value resistors, maximum element voltage is power-limited, per V=sqrt(P*R), or about 3.5V in case of the part shown.

In the breakdown-limited case, devices in 0805 tend to have max working voltages in the ballpark of about 150V give or take, placing the crossover point at around 180KΩ. It’s a thing to validate per series because it does vary. Admittedly that isn’t convenient when a supplier dumps a 176 page catalog on a person instead of a datasheet…