Looking for an approiate HV resistor


So I’ve been looking for a series of resistors that can suffice in the operating conditions that I need to put them in. They’re fairly low current (I’m usually dealing with less than 10 mA), but it’s high voltage (My current design assumes a max of 450 VDC, but I wold like to make it to where I can use this same design, and change a few parts to go to my max theoretical spec of 800V). And I need a wide range of values for resistance (I’m using them for voltage dividers). It doesn’t necessarily have to be from the same series, I just need to know what series that I can go for, because I can’t find them

It’d be especially good if I can find resistors that have values of 10k, 6.98k, and 280k, because that’s currently what I have in my build.

Thank you,


Hello godini514,
We do carry some resistors that are considered High Voltage. It is in the features as an option to search for. I am guessing that you are looking for Through hole Options. Here are the High Voltage Options that we list.
Looking at your Values that you need here is what I could find.
10K ohm option - A105819-ND This is what we had in stock.
6.98K ohm - This exact value we did not have. The Closest would be a 6.81K ohm or a 7.32K Ohm if those would work for you.
280K ohm - PPCQF280KCT-ND This is what we had in stock.

I did look at some data sheets for other options that were not considered High Voltage. It looks like if you go with a 1W or higher option they usually had a Max working voltage of 500V, so if you stay around the 450V they could work. Below that wattage it would be about 350V rating.

I hope this may help to get you started, If you need any other assistance on finding other resistors Please let us know.

Note that the limiting element voltage rating for a resistor only needs to be greater than the actual voltage placed across it; also don’t forget about power ratings; 450V across 10K means upwards of 20 watts…