Resistor purchase

Hello new here hope im posting in correct place. Im in need of a few resistors that if been unable to find if anyone can point in the right place to buy them id appreciate it. They are a 1w 48.7k ohm 0.10% tolerance

Hello Jeff,

Welcome to the Digi-Key tech forum.

Yes, this is a good place to ask about something like that. However, the only resistors I could find with those parameters are the surface mount ones in the link below. None are currently in stock though.

I looked for through hole ones and chassis mounted ones but found nothing at 1W in that resistance value of 48.7K ohms.

Some through hole ones we carry are at 0.5% and 1% at 1W though none are in stock either currently.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. It seems we don’t have any specific to your needs in stock currently.


Ok thanks for the info…trying to repair my crown amplifier. My surge protector failed this last storm we had here in texas and fried those resistors. Not be able to find a source anywhere for them

At work we buy 0.1% 1W resistors for our custom calibration gear from PRC. Here’s their page for 1W axial resistors:

No idea what the prices and minimum order quantities are for standard resistance sequence parts. Our custom calibrators use custom resistance values so we pay close to $10.00US per resistor and we buy a few hundred dollars worth of resistors per order.