Some ways to get around large package count purchases

I’m looking for some 1/8 W, 1% resiostors with the values of 48k, 69k & 161k. These wpuld be through hole types. The only ones I could come up with have a package count of 1000. What are some ways to get around this situation?

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The problem is that you are asking for non-standard resistance values for 1% resistors. The IEC E-series values are an industry wide standard for various tolerances of parts so that there is an appropriate spacing between values based on the tolerances.

For 1% resistors the standard range is E96, the selection of values are in list format on this page:

If you adjust the values you want to buy based on the E96 series list, you will be able to buy in small quantities including a single resistor.

The closest bordering standard values are:

Here’s a search that returns these values that are in stock:

You’ll notice that there are very few choices and they are expensive. That’s because of the 1/8W rating on a through hole part. If you can physically fit 1/4W the parts, they will be less expensive.