Part Identification - Green Resistor

Trying to identify this part. It’s in the 3/5 volt power selection circuit on an old 486 motherboard. I have not seen green body resistors like this one. Maybe a fused or power protection resistor.
I think it’s R R BL BL R if the orientation is the same as the blue resistor.

Hello Adam,
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I used our resistor calculator.

Plugged in red, black, black, red, and brown.
I think it is a 20kohm 1% resistor.
These are the options we have available.

in order to figure out the watts you need I recommend trying to measure the size of your resistor.

I understand how the calculator works, it’s the green color that I’m trying to figure out. Is it a special type?, like a fused or surge resistor?

I would say no. I would say it is more about brand. I did a general search. I did a very standard value .

I searched :
Metal film
1/4 watt
Value 10k.
Here is an example of the varrious stocking options that show up:

If you start to look down the list, you can see that color varies due to the Supplier. We list the features on the link I sent. You can see if you need anything like say Automotive rated or moisture resistant. Just naming two of the options. So no. Color does not always make any difference for a resistor.