Help identify resistors

I have 3 resistors I need to change, I am new on this. Can anyone help me identify which are the resistors

First Resistor

Second Resistor

Third Resistor

For example for first resistor this one is confusing because the first brown line is not around all the resistor, is just a little mark

Same with third resistor it only has one small part of the resistor with brown

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately the color bands on used resistors are often not easy to read. Partially missing bands are common and the first part looks like it’s either overheated or had a coating that discolored all the bands a bit.

When I’m unsure about the bands color or order, I use an online decoder and try best guess values.

Usually only one result makes sense for the circuit type. Then I check the old resistor with an ohm meter to see if its value is reasonable for a good, or dead, resistor with those bands.

It’s much easier to do this with the part in hand so I can use a magnifier and different light sources to examine the bands. Based just on the photos, I’m getting these results.

Yellow, violet, orange, gold or brown, brown = 47.3 ohm 1%, or 4.73K 1%.

If the discoloration is due to overheating it’s likely 47.3 ohm and used in a higher power circuit like an output stage or power supply. An ohm meter check should settle the choice of value.

Brown, black, black, brown, brown = 1k 1%.

When in doubt between multiple choices, it’s safest to try the highest values as replacements first. The circuit won’t work right if you get it wrong but you’ll have more try’s. If you try the lowest value first and get it wrong you may burn out other parts of the circuit.

Final tip, it’s always a huge gamble to work on any electronics without a proper schematic. Without a schematic there is usually only 50/50 chance you’ll be able to fix the device regardless of how much time and and money is spent trying.