Trying to ID resistor


Do you think this is a 22 ohm resistor? Wondering what the “black” is on the smaller resistor. Could it just be a burn? Any ideas on the value on the smaller one?

Black is definitely burned; the smoke was let out…:slight_smile:

But yeah the small 1/4 wat resistor appears to be a 22 ohm

I’m going to go with Brown, Blk, Green, Gold on the larger one

The smaller one….uffda……Brown, Red, Red, Gold???

So possibly a 1M Ohm and maybe a 1.2K Ohm???

I am not sure tho cuz the coloring is not real clear.


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Larger one Brown, black, white, gold is evident when click on it twice (really enlarged). 1giga ohm seems unreal. idk, I would say these are specialized resistors

I would say the Larger one is Brown Black Silver Gold, which gives a 0.1 Ohm 5%
The smaller seems like black red red gold, but a leading 0 is not possible.
So maybe Blue or Brown.
Which makes it either 6.2kOhm 5% or 1.2 kOhm 5%.

1/4watt smaller one on right
normally you have three bands and tolerance. Unable to see what the first band color is…
It could be a color range from black to white for the first band which that is burnt away :@O