Resistor sizing

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I have this resistor which is blown and need a little guidance on figuring out what size it is etc.

It looks to be a five band, but going one direction there is no gold for the second band, and going the other way there is no black for the fifth band?


yes I not sure on the black band for the tolerance.

You would say it would be a 5 band with black as the last band then?


yes that is correct

Given the non-standard coding and the non-standard appearance (spiralling wire under the coating), I suspect that is no ordinary resistor.

Over the last 40 years I’ve seen many specialty components in resistor like packaging. These include, inductors, capacitors, thermistors and many more. It could also be a very special purpose resistor.

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This is what I was thinking as well. And since it is burned I have no way to run it through tests.
Do you have any other ideas on identifying something like this?

Pertinent to usage is that it is installed on the Source of a 24N60C3 and to ground.

Hi @ByronT ,

Do you know what the reference designator on the board is?
PCB Markings: Reference Designator Meanings (Part Identification)

If an L it may be an inductor:

Source -

The center band is where I’m having trouble. The top burnt picture, it does look silver.
Click here for the NKN datasheet from Yageo.
The Blue, Red, Silver would be a 0.62 ohm (620mOhm), gold is 5%, and the Black is Non Inductance.
I used this information, and I did not find a match at DigiKey.
Also has the wider space between the 3rd and 4th color band.

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It is designated as R8 so resistor 8


Maybe the uncropped original photos will show you the color better. I am quite convinced that it is white.

Thanks ByronT,

Agreeing with David, it looks to be a non-inductive resistor of some sort. Since the colors are Blue, Red, White, Gold, Black it does appear to be some sort of custom part, however I’ll take another look and see if there is anything that we carry that may come close.


If it is a white band, then it would equate to 62GOhms, 5%, non-inductive. I did not find the white being used as the mutiplier, in any of the charts or calculators.

Yes, it does seem like there is no code with white on that data sheet.

I did find this data sheet

So if that datasheet is right it would be a 0.0062 ohm with 5% tolerance? Non inductive


Looking at this datasheet, it does say that the largest available ohm value is 220 ohms. So the center band could be silver, but can not be white, for this series.

I see the chart now, you are correct. It can have a white band for the multiplier.

Nothing found for a 6.2 mOhm, Non-Inductive Resistor.

Yeah I checked right away too.

2997-CF50-625JTR-ND looks to be the only 6.2 mOhm resistor we currently carry, but is carbon instead of metal film/foil, and does not offer the non-inductive feature.

I did not have luck searching elsewhere either, unfortunately. If you find any new information, we’d be glad to hear.