When your 5 Band Resistor is not a 5 Band resistor

From time to time I get a question about a 5 band resistor that does not enter into the 5-Band calculator we have on the Digi-Key site.

Here we have an example.
No matter if the blue or the black were the first line the bands would not enter correctly into the 5 band calculator. This resistor does work however in the 4-band calculator. Blue, Gray, Silver, Gold.

Now leaves a couple of questions that need to be answered. How do I tell if my resistor is a 4 band or a 5 band? If my 5 band is a 4 band then what is the 5th band?

One key indicator is to look for a gap in the bands. Most resistor companies will put a slightly larger gap between the multiplier and the tolerance gap then between the other bands. Here is an example from Yageo showing a 4 band resistor with a special band.

Here is a similar resistor showing a 5 band from Bourns. Though not as pronounced you can see there is a slightly larger gap between the Multiplier and the Tolerance band.

Now that you have identified that you have a 4 band resistor with a 5th band you want to know what it is calling out. This can also be a bit tricky.
Per IEC 60062:2016 the standard color code would call out Temp Coefficient.

This is not always the case. Yageo for instance uses a Black 5th band in certain series to call out non-inductance.

Trying to identify which you have can range from hard to impossible. If it is a color it is most likely a temp coefficient IEC 60062:2016. If your 5th band is black you are best to try to identify the resistor manufacturer and look at their data sheet.

Do you have a part you are trying to identify? Try thePart Identification category. For other questions feel free to post in the General Category and we will be happy to help.

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Here is another example of a 5 band resistor that is Not a Five band resistor.

Let us look at part number 1135-1416-ND from Vishay.

The color bands on it are Brown, Black, Brown, Red and White. As the part number calls out it is a 100 ohm resistor at 2%. This will not include the White band.

The White band is calling out that it is the Military series ML-PRF-22684 with solderable leads

This information can be found on Vishay’s website.

Applicable Vishay Part Numbers

RL20S222GRE6 RL20S222GRE6 RL20S273GB14 RL20S182GRE6 RL20S182GRE6 RL20S223GRE6 RL20S223GRE6 RL20S821GRE6 RL20S821GRE6 RL20S681GB14 RL20S103GB14 RL20S471GB14 RL20S152GB14 RL20S470GB14 RL20S474GB14 RL20S221GB14 RL20S104GB14 RL20S101GB14 RL20S272GRE6 RL20S272GRE6 RL20S333GRE6 RL20S333GRE6 RL20S101GRE6 RL20S101GRE6 RL20S271GRE6 RL20S271GRE6 RL20S152GRE6 RL20S152GRE6 RL20S683GRE6 RL20S683GRE6 RL20S332GB14 RL20S102GB14 RL20S222GB14 RL20S473GB14 RL20S183GB14 RL20S682GB14 RL20S224GB14 RL20S561GB14 RL20S680GB14 RL20S124GB14 RL20S821GB14 RL20S220GB14 RL20S332GR36 RL20S332GR36 RL20S272GB14 RL20S621GB14 RL20S105GRE6 RL20S202GR36 RL20S182GR36 RL20S183GR36 RL20S184GR36 RL20S202JR36 RL20S163GR36 RL20S203GR36 RL20S220GR36 RL20S220JR36 RL20S181GR36 RL20S162GR36 RL20S222GR36 RL20S123GR36 RL20S104GR36 RL20S122GR36 RL20S122JR36 RL20S131GR36 RL20S153GR36 RL20S150JR36 RL20S151GR36 RL20S152JR36 RL20S221GR36 RL20S242GR36 RL20S223GR36 RL20S102JR36 RL20S360GR36 RL20S332JR36 RL20S333GR36 RL20S334GR36 RL20S362JR36 RL20S331GR36 RL20S390GR36 RL20S392GR36 RL20S394GR36 RL20S330JR36 RL20S242JR36 RL20S273GR36 RL20S270GR36 RL20S271GR36 RL20S272JR36 RL20S300GR36 RL20S330GR36 RL20S301GR36 RL20S301JR36 RL20S303GR36 RL20S103GR36 RL20S102GR36 RL20S432GR36 RL20S101GR36 RL20S100GR36 RL20S431GR36 RL20S471GR36 RL20S470GR36 RL20S471JR36 RL20S750GR36 RL20S681GR36 RL20S682GR36 RL20S683GR36 RL20S751GR36 RL20S621GR36 RL20S752GR36 RL20S752JR36 RL20S820GR36 RL20S622GR36 RL20S620GR36 RL20S823GR36 RL20S512GR36 RL20S472GR36 RL20S473GR36 RL20S511GR36 RL20S560GR36 RL20S561GR36 RL20S561JR36 RL20S562GR36 RL20S821GR36 RL20S823JR36 RL20S113GRE6 RL20S114GRE6 RL20S110JRE6 RL20S121GRE6 RL20S111GRE6 RL20S121JRE6 RL20S104GRE6 RL20S103JRE6 RL20S134GRE6 RL20S151JRE6 RL20S151GRE6 RL20S150JRE6 RL20S150GRE6 RL20S134JRE6 RL20S132GRE6 RL20S133GRE6 RL20S122GRE6 RL20S131GRE6 RL20S124GRE6 RL20S123GRE6 RL20S122JRE6 RL20S102JRE6 RL20S103GRE6 RL20S100GRE6 RL20S102GRE6 RL20S182JRE6 RL20S153GRE6 RL20S431GRE6 RL20S393GRE6 RL20S394GRE6 RL20S432JRE6 RL20S432GRE6 RL20S391GRE6 RL20S433GRE6 RL20S470GRE6 RL20S392GRE6 RL20S390GRE6 RL20S390JRE6 RL20S471GRE6 RL20S360GRE6 RL20S332JRE6 RL20S334GRE6 RL20S362GRE6 RL20S361GRE6 RL20S364JRE6 RL20S362JRE6 RL20S363GRE6 RL20S470JRE6 RL20S471JRE6 RL20S331JRE6 RL20S563GRE6 RL20S561JRE6 RL20S562GRE6 RL20S560GRE6 RL20S620GRE6 RL20S621GRE6 RL20S561GRE6 RL20S512JRE6 RL20S513GRE6 RL20S472GRE6 RL20S474GRE6 RL20S472JRE6 RL20S473GRE6 RL20S510JRE6 RL20S510GRE6 RL20S512GRE6 RL20S511GRE6 RL20S511JRE6 RL20S332GRE6 RL20S330JRE6 RL20S331GRE6 RL20S153JRE6 RL20S202JRE6 RL20S201GRE6 RL20S202GRE6 RL20S203JRE6 RL20S203GRE6 RL20S184GRE6 RL20S204GRE6 RL20S220GRE6 RL20S200GRE6 RL20S183GRE6 RL20S221GRE6 RL20S162JRE6 RL20S154GRE6 RL20S162GRE6 RL20S163JRE6 RL20S163GRE6 RL20S181GRE6 RL20S164GRE6 RL20S180GRE6 RL20S220JRE6 RL20S221JRE6 RL20S330GRE6 RL20S300GRE6 RL20S274GRE6 RL20S274JRE6 RL20S301JRE6 RL20S301GRE6 RL20S272JRE6 RL20S302GRE6 RL20S303GRE6 RL20S273GRE6 RL20S270GRE6 RL20S270JRE6 RL20S222JRE6 RL20S240GRE6 RL20S224GRE6 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