Datasheets and Part Markings

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I don’t understand company datasheets. I look at a data sheet and it is 45 pages long. 8 pages of graphs showing how the part responds at various temperature points, and various other nitty gritty technical aspects, but I have to HUNT for the Part Marking info? Which is often not included anyway.

There are certain pieces of information that 90% of the people that look at the datasheet need to see. Why is that not all at the top? The other 10% of people that really need all of the fridge features laid out can have the other 43 pages.

And if anyone has a good website for finding what a part marking should be when it’s not on the datasheet, I would love that info. As a Contract Manufacturer, we often receive consigned parts from customers. They are often not in original packaging and when we program AOI, I like to provide a datasheet with Part Markings so that we know we are putting the right part on the board, but also in our library of images for next time.

Hello ProcEng, welcome to the Forum community. Many manufacturers are no longer sharing their part markings publicly, in an effort to curb the rise in counterfeit parts. If you purchase a part from Digikey and need information on the markings, you can send us a photo of the part and your invoice or sales order number and we can forward to our Product Specialist to verify the markings.

While I appreciate that, and we have done that, the info doesn’t come in a timely fashion to meet the needs of a production schedule. Can we request this information for every part we order when we place the order?

Hi ProcEng ,

Unfortunately the information on the datasheet is all that is provided. You may be able to go to the manufacturer website and they may offer further marking details, an NDA may be required from them.