DC to AC convertor 100 kHz

I am looking to conver 24V DC into a AC 24 or smaller voltage with a PWM like voltage waveform in a high frequency, eg 100 kHz. Can you help me identify some parts off the shelf


Specifically, I see that there is buck convertor chip can do that - see below

I wonder is there a product that already have the assembly shown here that I can just plug and play, instead of assembling all the parts on a breadboard?



The only thing I can find is a power inverter. Though we have the DC 24 volts in, but the AC outputs are more the standard wall voltages. Unfortunately I do not see we sell anything with the 24VAC out. Here is just what I was looking at: DC to AC (Power) Inverters | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey
That would be the type of product that would do that sort of thing.