Debian on Digi ConnectCore 6 SBC

Hi all,

I have a Digi ConnectCore 6 SBC that I would like to run Debian on (CC-SB-WMX-L76C - iMX.6 DualLite CPU, 512MB RAM, 4GB eMMC).

Following the getting started guide at debian-getting-started-with-the-digi-connectcore-6-sbc/13022 I am able to successfully build the kernel, however it doesn’t successfully boot into Debian and stops at the prompt “Starting kernel …”

Is the imx6dl-ccimx6sbc variant supported? I note the dtb patch from RobertCNelson’s repo refers to the quad variant.

Thanks in advance for any help and support offered.


Hi @jrmyau , so the DualLite can’t boot with the Quad core device tree, does Digi have there device tree files available, by now they must be pretty close to mainline…