Build Debian for SAMA5D27 - but EK1 board crashes after kernel loads

Boot loader seems to work fine. There’s no display attached; I’m running the SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 through
the USB port at J10. The two demo images I tried both work fine, but I would like to get a real Debian
distro running. I wrote the Debian to a 32 GB SanDisk microSD in an adaptor and plugged it into J12, as with
the two demo images. System freezes right after writing “Starting kernel …” D4 is glowing green, and D5 glows
steady green - not the heartbeat blue flashing I get with both demo images booted. I suspect there may be some
problems with kernel configuration - having pretty much stuck with the default menu choices during kernel build.
Any help you could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks very much. Lou DeChiaro

Hi @louisdechiaro please post your serial boot log… I’d like to see which kernel is loading to compare…