[Debian Stretch - EOL] About update of BBB

I am using a BBB.
I want to update it.
so I typed on terminal as follows.

sudo apt-get update

but it has failed.
My kernel version is 4.19
I dont know what is the problem.
Can you let me know how to update it?
Thank you.

Hi @taek8461 with the actual message from the failure, it’s hard to give you an exact answer.

Some questions.

Are you using the Ethernet port, or the USB-Ethernet bridge?


Thank you for your response.
The failure message is as follows.

I am using the Ethernet port.
Please, let me know how to resolve it.


Hi @taek8461 this is expected with Debian Stretch, which has been End Of Life for over a year… LTS - Debian Wiki

All files related to Debian Stretch have been moved to their final resting place: archive.debian.org:



Thank you for your response.

Then, How can I update it?
Do I need to change the path for update?
I don’t know how to change the path.
Can you explaing how to fix it?

Hi @taek8461, what do you want to do?

Debian 9.x “stretch” is done… No “new” or “updated” packages will ever show up in the Debian repo, nor has any “updated” or “new” package been actually pushed to Stretch in the last year.

Option A, do nothing, which is really what you’ve been doing for the last year, so just stop running the upgrade script: “apt update/apt upgrade”

Option B, upgrade to Debian 10.x “buster” before ‘next’ summer (2024), as it’ll be in the exact same situation as Debian 9.x today…

Option C, upgrade to Debian 11.x “bullseye” now, which has support till summer (2026)…


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I upgraded them.
kenel version : 5.15.
debian version : 11.5.

Thank you.