RE: The MachineKit Builds and Ideas/BBB


For the MachineKit builds on the BBB, would I need to use the Docker container system to update/upgrade or can I use the build for the BBB as is?

I found this online: .

I know you may not know everything about this subject but any ideas would be helpful.

For instance:

I installed the image via etcher on the BBB.
I went into the image via HDMI to DVI-D via the debian distro.
I found some GUI applications and I tried to enter in some info. to test.

After not being able to completely enter in the correct info, I was routed, by my own doing, to docs.

I found the Docker ideas and .deb file ideas. Is this side of MachineKit already done for the BBB or should I need to install and upgrade specific components from: ?


Hi @silver2row, you can find all of MachineKit’s documents here:

They also have their own forum, feel free to ask their developers directly. :wink:



Yes sir…thank you.