MachineKit Image from Stretch Days and RepliCape


There is actually a page on that brings one to an image: Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack Debian - .

I found on this image that there is actually a RepliCape ‘instance’ on the sections for adjustment and options.

So, if I was to load linuxcnc or whatever the command would be at that point to get the GUI up and running, how could I alter or grab the info. from RepliCape to use for a CNC machine from this image and info?


P.S. I am asking b/c I am not sure how RepliCape got entered into the mix of options and how to make this RepliCape option available on my own machine, BBB/BBG, w/ RepliCape.

Hi Seth,

That image does not contain a gui/desktop. It was built at a request for a specific MachineKit user. MachineKit is highly configurable, each customer design is really a one-off build.

Please use MachineKit’s forum/docs to configure your interface:



Yes sir…I will check their docs.