BeagleBone AI and Uboot


I am currently in uboot and I would like to add some items from ‘somewhere.’

I see I can add binary files via uboot. For instance, if I wanted to add python3 and some specific overlays and .dtb files, would I use load or loadb and how would I attain these binaries?

Would I get them online and then port them to the board that way?



I withdrew a post earlier. I just want to say w/ Arago Project, I use opkg and not apt. I also have no resources for the simple text editor nano.

I see they have it in their repos. but I cannot access it.

Anyway, I am slowly learning opkg again to figure out a way to install, update, upgrade, and make use of the Linux SDK.

I also am having trouble w/ the and the ./ script. It sadly does not work for me on the Arago Project system I have built for the BBAI.


P.S. If anyone knows a resource outside of OpenWrt, please advise me on this effort. Oh and I posted something on a forum on here: linux - Arago Project and BeagleBone AI with initramfs and - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

That will be there until the end of time as I feel as though no one is using this technology as of now. But…we shall see!

For the AI, we’ve been moving much of the overlays inside the kernel tree:

This helps us take care of the am335x vs am57xx differences better…


Hello Sir,

@RobertCNelson Thank you…I will go and checkout 4.19/arch/arm/boot/dts/overlays sections.