Deutsch DTM Series Connector Backshells

I am trying to source Deutsch Connector Backshells 1028-034-1205 as shown on Page 126 of the TE Connectivity Catalog. Is this the same as your part number 1028-043-1205 as I cant find this part number in the catalog?

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Those would not be same part.

1028-043-1205 is meant to mate with DT06-12Sx-xxxx
whereas 1028-034-1205 is meant to mate with DTM06-12Px-xxxx

1028-034-1205 is a good part number it would just be a special quote/order for us. Kindly reach out to if you’d like a quote for this.

Good morning Kristof,

I sent an email to your orders department but have not had a reply?

Could you please follow up.



Hi Brian

Your email has been received.
A request for a quote has been sent to the manufacturer.
You should receive a formal quote by email shortly.


Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. You are correct, pin part 1060-20-0122 is the associated contact to housing part DTM04-4P-E004 . If you need the mating connector we have Digikey part 1734-1467-ND and with the associated socket contact, Digikey part 1734-1151-1-ND . We also have the wedgelock, Digikey part 1734-1051-ND .