Deutsch connectors

I am trying to find the part numbers for the two connecting parts of a 35 pin deutsch.

I see HD36-24-35SN and HD36-24-35PN, but are these the two connecting parts?? and is there an option for in-line and panel mount?

Thank you for contacting Digi-Key technical support. Part number HD36-24-35SN(1734-1821-ND) mating part Digi-Key offers is HD34-24-35PN(1734-1791-ND)

Part number HD36-24-35PN(1734-1268-ND) mating options Digi-Key offers are HD34-24-35SN(1734-1694-ND) or HD34-24-35SN-059(1734-1792-ND).