Deutsch HD36-18-14SE-059 Connector pins

Needing female pins for Digikey part # 1734-1758-ND.
Will 1734-1331-ND fit this connector?
If not, will 1506-1059-ND fit, and if so when is it expected to be back in stock?
Greg B


The 1734-1331-ND would work.
0462-209-16141 TE Connectivity Deutsch Connectors | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

If you need crimp tooling for that HDT-48-00
HDT-48-00 TE Application Tooling | Tools | DigiKey

Thanks for the info. Is it possible to solder those? (For one job, a $400 crimp tool is cost prohibitive)
Greg B

Still needing a reply.


The recommendation from Te is to crimp. We can’t deviate from the Supplier recommendation. Sorry.

Thanks for the information!