Difference between 787296-01 and 787296-02 from NI

We often get questions wondering what the difference between these two parts is. According to the datasheet the difference is the 787296-01 is the regular part and the 787296-02 is the OEM part, but what does that mean?

According to NI’s forum it means the following:
"OEM devices are for Manufactures who want the NI’s hardware to be included in their big machinery. Example, image a robot manufacturer who wants to use NI hardware internally, so they get the OEM version and include in their system.

Typically OEM version of HW are delivered without enclosures and may be custom pinout so that the user (another manufacturer) can customize to their needs. Whereas the non-OEM version is intended for end-user (consumer/engineer) who just want to create a test system which could be one to a few for their project."

NI Forum

Applicable Part Numbers

787287-01 787288-01 787289-01 787296-01 787298-01 787297-01
787287-02 787288-02 787289-02 787296-02 787298-02 787297-02