On Semiconductor suffix

What’s the difference between the following P/Ns? Their datasheets don’t tell the difference.
NC7SZ74L8X vs. NC7SZ74L8X-L22185
NC7WZ07L6X vs. NC7WZ07L6X-L22175
NC7SZ126L6X vs. NC7SZ126L6X-L22175
NC7SZ05L6X vs. NC7SZ05L6X-L22175


I have submitted an inquiry for this. When I hear back I will let you know.

Thank you, @Nathan_2268 !

Per this PCN, accessible from related product pages as highlighted in the example below, the P/Ns with the extra digits are sourced from a different fab than the original P/Ns due to supply constraints.


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@rick_1976 , Many thanks for providing the PCN!