Onsemi "S" prefix in p/n SCM1293A-04SO

Looking for onsemi p/n CM1293A-04SO in Digi-Key website 2 p/n’s can pop up:
CM1293A-04SO (CM1293A-04SOOSCT-ND)
SCM1293A-04SO (SCM1293A-04SOOSCT-ND)

This prefix “S” is not documented in a data sheet for the CM1293A-04SO or in any other place

After checking this issue with onsemi, their reply is as following:
According to our engineering team for the part, there is no difference between the standard OPN and the special OPN (with the S prefix). If possible, please redirect your customer to the standard OPN, as the special OPN with the S preffix is planned for obsolescence and will be included in the obsolescence list soon.