Difference between GP2A200LCS0F and GP2A240LCS0F

Looking at GP2A200LCS0F Series - OPIC output, reflective
phot interrupters from Socle Technology Corporation.

I would like to by 1855-1000-ND
GP2A200LCS Manufacturer number GP2A200LCS0F
GP2A240LCS0F Manufacturer number GP2A240LCS0F

but from the provide information on your website or the data sheet, I can not make my decision. Can you please tell me the difference(s) between these two units?

Besides the obvious difference in case color; GP2A200LCSOF (Digi0Key part number 1855-1000-ND)= Polycarbonate resin (Grey) and GP2A240LCS0F( Digi-Key part number 425-2529-ND) =Polycarbonate resin (Navy Blue) which is stated on the Data Sheet

According to information from the manufacturer, GP2A240LCSOF is an enhanced type against ambient light. The differences in the specifications are as follows below:

For more information Socle Technology Corporation. Take a look at their supplier page at Digikey.com