Difference Between Panasonic Electric Works AQH3213 and AQH3223 from the AQ-H Series

The difference between AQH3213 and AQH3223 from Panasonic Electric Works is that the AQH3213 is a zero cross relay, which means it activates at the zero crossing point of the sine wave. AQH3223 is a random relay which means it activates as soon as the control voltage is applied. For more information on standard versus zero cross relays please see Zero-cross or random relay : what are the differences ? - celduc® relais (celduc-relais.com)

As seen below this applies to Panasonic Electric Works’ entire series of AQ-H relays.

Please see AQ-H Relays (panasonic.com) for more information on the AQ-H series of relays.

AQ-H Relays Carried by Digi-Key
Digi-Key Part Numbers Manufacturer Part Numbers
255-5998-2-ND,255-5998-1-ND,255-5998-6-ND AQH2213AX
255-6000-2-ND,255-6000-1-ND,255-6000-6-ND AQH2223AZ
255-5991-ND AQH0223
255-5987-ND AQH0213
255-5992-ND AQH0223A
255-3922-2-ND,255-3922-1-ND,255-3922-6-ND AQH2223AX
255-2660-ND AQH3213
255-5995-2-ND,255-5995-1-ND,255-5995-6-ND AQH1213AZ
255-6002-2-ND,255-6002-1-ND,255-6002-6-ND AQH3213AZ
255-6001-2-ND,255-6001-1-ND,255-6001-6-ND AQH3213AX
255-5996-2-ND,255-5996-1-ND,255-5996-6-ND AQH1223AX
255-1526-5-ND AQH1213
255-1527-5-ND AQH1213A
255-1532-5-ND AQH2223
255-1531-5-ND AQH2213A
255-2663-ND AQH3223A
255-2661-ND AQH3213A
255-AQH0223AXTR-ND,255-AQH0223AXCT-ND AQH0223AX
255-AQH0223AZTR-ND,255-AQH0223AZCT-ND AQH0223AZ
255-5990-2-ND,255-5990-1-ND,255-5990-6-ND AQH0213AZ
255-5997-2-ND,255-5997-1-ND,255-5997-6-ND AQH1223AZ
255-5999-2-ND,255-5999-1-ND,255-5999-6-ND AQH2213AZ
255-6003-2-ND,255-6003-1-ND,255-6003-6-ND AQH3223AX
255-6004-2-ND,255-6004-1-ND,255-6004-6-ND AQH3223AZ
255-5988-ND AQH0213A
255-1528-5-ND AQH1223
255-1529-5-ND AQH1223A
255-1533-5-ND AQH2223A
255-1530-5-ND AQH2213
255-2662-ND AQH3223
255-AQH0213AXTR-ND,255-AQH0213AXCT-ND AQH0213AX
255-1527-2-ND AQH1213AX