Difference between XM1110_1103886 and XM1110_1104311

We have a product that utilises the XM1110_1103886 configured to obtain location based on GPS and Galileo constellations using the UART interface. As the part is now end of life we are looking to undertake a last time buy stock purchase of an alternative to cover spares and repairs. The XM1110_1104311 in stock at Digikey has the same hardware footprint. Can you clarify the XM1110_1104311 firmware and functionality differences compared with the XM1110_1103886 ?

Additionally could you please clarify the constellation coverage of the XM1210_1104263, having the same footprint, connectivity as the XM1110 but requiring a different software driver.

Hello @spape

Welcome to the TechForum, I have reached out to our Product Specialist to get more information on your question and will let you know as soon as we hear back from them.

Hello spape,

Here is the information we recieved from the product specialist. I hope this information helps.

These 2 are both XM1110 part with the difference of the firmware and interface below.
XM1110_1103886 XM1110,GENERIC,AXN5.1.1_8523,UART+SPI,5810112A05
XM1110_1104311 XM1110,GENERIC,GNSS,AXN5.1.6,GNSS=AB,UART+SPI; 9600 BAUD

Please see the specs difference below.
XM1210_1104263 XM1210,GENERIC,GNSS,H6736.01,UART+USB