Digi-Key Cross Reference Tool

DigiKey’s Cross Reference Part Search allows a user to search for alternative, substitute, and replacements parts and compare the parametric similarities at a glance. The goal is to simplify the search for hard-to-find parts by providing a list of potential options which are categorized by various match types.

To try it out go to digikey.com/en/cross-reference and enter a full manufacturer part number in the search box.

Part results are returned from DigiKey’s extensive, pre-built database of substitute parts. The parts are categorized into part types including Direct, Parametric Equivalent, MFR Recommended, and Similar. These types are defined below.

Match type Definitions:

Direct substitute parts are determined to provide a high likelihood of form, fit, and function match. There may be slight differences in materials, tolerances, manufacturer, etc.

Parametric Equivalent parts are generated through logical comparison of primary parametric information available via Digi-Key’s extensive part data. There may be features or pinouts that do not match.

Manufacturer (MFR) Recommended parts are suggested by the manufacturer as a replacement. These parts are generated from manufacturer-provided PCN (Product Change Notice) documentation which can be found on the searched-part’s detail page. There may be a difference in parameters, package/case, or pinout.

The Similar match may be a good replacement but will have minor differences that must be reviewed to confirm that the part meets replacement requirements.

To the left of the datasheet and materials icons you can use the checkbox to select multiple parts to compare. By selecting more than two parts, a comparison option will appear at the bottom of the table. When viewing the comparison display, you will be able to hide the shared attributes. This makes it easy to distinguish the specific differences in the parts.


If pinout information is available for some or all parts, the Pinouts tab will be enabled.


Viewing the Pinouts tab will show all available pin numbers and pin names for each part for easy comparison for multi-pinned parts. Blank fields indicate the pinout information is not currently available.


The Share Results option at the top of the page will generate a URL that allows the recipient to view the same products, filters, and sorting that is currently being displayed. This is especially handy for sharing out a refined list of verified replacements.


Users are encouraged to use the Feedback and Suggestions button to help improve DigiKey’s substitute page and part results.

As with all crosses, verification from looking at the datasheets is the only sure way to confirm the suitability of a parts status as a substitute or replacement. The Cross Reference part search tool will allow the user to quickly view the information needed to quickly dial in whether the listed parts will meet the necessary requirements.

Simply search, compare, and replace.