Selecting substitutes and crosses for ICs


Say I need to find a replacement part for “VNQ5027AKTR-E”, are there any online tools or resources that can help me determine a compatible substitute? Or is asking the Digikey’s technical department the best bet for parts like these? Sometimes I select my own crosses for caps and resistors based on description, but I’m not comfortable doing that with more complex components since I am not an expert.



Under the product Attributes section of the product page you can select the attributes most important for your application and the Digi-Key site will look for additional parts with the same attributes as the product you are looking at. Here is an example of a similar part. As you can see I have selected three attributes. If I was to hit search at the bottom it will give me a list that could be potential cross with those same attributes. Unfortunately for part VNQ5027AKTR-E I do not have a cross with the same number of outputs and the same current output as the orignal part.

If you are not able to find a cross using these attributes please feel free to contact on here or any of the traditional contact methods.

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Wow, how have I been using the site for so long without knowing that?! The table design is so unobtrusive I never noticed it.


Glad we could help. If you ever have any questions or need further assistance please feel free to contact us.