Need help finding from schematic

I need help finding the following: Q1, Q2, D2, Q5, Q6, Q8, and Q11.

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These are the parts that were listed when i searched for those part numbers on our website.




Cross options listed on top of website.



Would you be able to narrow down the specific component for all of these (NOT including Q5) if I provided pictures of the parts with the marking codes?

And would it be okay to use any of the cross options listed on top of the website as a substitute for Q5(FDV303N) since there’s none in stock right now? Like will it work just fine?

Unfortunately, the part markings will not help me narrow down the parts more.
It is up to the customer to decide whether the part will work for the application of the board.
I recommend going each of the crosses datasheets and decide if they will work for your application.

Possible matches are:
D2 = RB411DT146CT-ND
Possible cross for Q6 = 177-1285-1-ND
Q8 = 2SC4081U3T106RCT-ND
Q11 = 353-DTC114YUA-TPCT-ND
Please check the datasheets to verify compatibility to your application.