CJQ4828 Replacement?

I’ll link the datasheets for the original part and the others.
This is the original chip used in the circuit.
CJQ4828 (Q11) JCET= N Ch MOSFET.pdf (2.2 MB)

This is the one that I soon gambled on that works.
SI9945BDY (Q11) VISHAY comparable.pdf (214.1 KB)

This is now the one I’m considering, but plz let me know if there is a better part comparable to the original, or why I shouldn’t use it.
ZXMN6A09DN8.pdf (584.4 KB)

I have looked at the datasheets that you have provided and they do look consistent for the specs as a comparable part. Here is a list of the part that are similar which are currently in stock.

Thanks, I’ll be definitely be ordering some.