Help Locating Specific Mosfet (or Compatiable) on Digikey

It is labeled M3816N. Tons of them on EBAY but all the way in China, was hoping I could find it on Digikey.

Hello @JarJarBinks,

That MOSFET looks to be part number QM3816N6 from UBIQ Semiconductor Corp. We are not a distributor for them so we do not have that part and cannot get it. I checked for an alternative that we would have, but was unable to find anything similar enough that would work as a cross.

Thank you, I appreciate your effort.

SIZF916DT-T1-GE3 appears to have a compatible footprint and similar characteristics, as well as being in stock at the time of writing. Might be worth a look.

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Impressive, I will give one a try, thanks.