Help needed to find this chip and/or datasheet

All three appear to be the same, and not sure its intended purpose, two of them pass +5vdc, but one of them is not. 5vdc is connected to 3-pins on each of them.
Any help would be great. I am not even sure of who made this circuit.


Not sure why this posted in black and white, but there are two arrows on the right
I need help with both devices. Thank you some much in advance with any help you can provide.

These are Siliconix Si9433DY MOSFETs. It looks like one of the chips is installed upside down.

I’ve attached a link to the datasheet for these components.


As for the Z6 or 9Z item, I am sorry to say that there is not enough information to be able to narrow that item down to a specific number

Also for the 9433 item the below link for the marking info from Vishay’s site

I think this is the way it was intended, the arrow I drew kinda blocked the 1 that marks the orientation.
I so appreciate your insite. Thank you so much.

Hello @jgrzanich,

The part marked with Z6 might be for Vishay # BZX84C7V5 see below.