Cannot locate P-Channel Mosfet

Working on an HP 17T laptop and I have a defective Mosfet. Image shows “B20P03” code, however I am unable to locate this MosFet on DigiKey. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @TallyTech

Could be this one:

Digikey certainly stocks an equivalent.
Cheers, heke

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Thank you I will check it out and greatly appreciate the info. Take care…

I sent a request message to the fine folks at DigiKey with the picture for reference. I will update when they reply. Take care Heke and thanks again!

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Hello pipkinphotography1 - welcome to the Forum community. I did not locate an exact equivalent to that part, the closest substitute I found is DigiKey part number 488-NTMFS002P03P8ZT1GCT-ND. You will want to take a look at the datasheet to verify that this substitute is suitable for your application.

Thank you, Jenny. I DID manage to find the manufacturers code (and datasheet). They (my Chinese is a bit rusty, lol) have it listed as “EMB2030PV”.
EMB20P03V (1).PDF (197.1 KB)

Hi pipkinphotography1,

That datasheet shows a roughly 3x3mm footprint. Assuming that’s the correct datasheet, the 488-NTMFS002P03P8ZT1GCT-ND would be too large.

Based on the datasheet you found, the RQ3E075ATTB seems a pretty decent alternative, if you don’t need a Vgs-max spec above ±20V.

If you do, then the DMP3013SFV-7 is a similar option to consider.

Thank you very much, David! I will probably get a few of each for inventory as well. Take care!