Need replacement MOSFET for JCT425i labeled component

Hi all - I have tried everywhere and can not find a replacement or data sheet for a treadmill MOSFET that is labeled JCT425i

Title was wrong - it is JCT425i

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Is there any other information available on this device? Apologies, the marking alone is not producing any useful results in my searches thus far.

Hello gbh5678 - I wasn’t able to identify the part either. In all likelihood, this could be a proprietary part created and marked specifically for the equipment it came out of. Other than the manufacturer of your treadmill, I don’t know how you’ll be able to locate a replacement part. Sorry I couldn’t help!

I have had the same problem

It is on a MC1618DLS treadmill board and the markings on the FET are JJ JCP425i

Please provide photo of the FET in question, we may be able to offer something with similar size.

Attached is a photo - please help.

HI @gbh5678 ,
This guy may be a thyristor, made by Jiangsu JieJie Microelectronics.
Could not find a datasheet, but “a close one” will suggest that this is rated 400V/25A.
The small “i” in the end may hint that the die is insulated from the tab, so ensure electrical isolation to heatsink if replacing with other thyristor type.


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