Replacement of IGBT components on my treadmill

Hello I would like to replace a defective component on the motor control board MC2100ELS-18W of my treadmill nordicktrac s20i. I could not find the component in your website. The component I need to replace is an IGBT from NCE (600V, 60A, Trench FS II Fast IGBT, TO 247, ref= NCE60TD60BT). Can you help me to find a similar component or if not the same a more powerful one.
2004201607_Wuxi-NCE-Power-Semiconductor-NCE60TD60BT_C502946.pdf (666.0 KB)
Thank you for your support
2004201607_Wuxi-NCE-Power-Semiconductor-NCE60TD60BT_C502946.pdf (666.0 KB)


I could not come up with replacements for these.

Thank you for checking.
Is there an alternative if the same does not exist?

Hi zakaria_belbakra,

No guarantees, but the IGW75N65H5XKSA1 seems to be a fairly similar part. A couple others which are also worth a look are these:


Make note that just replacing the IGBTs isn’t guaranteed to fix your board, as other things may have also been damaged.


Thank you very much David for the references.
I will order one of them and see what happened. I will let you know.

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It’s not a problem if I put a 650V instead of a 600V?

An IGBT rated for 650V max, can be used in place of a 600V rated IGBT.

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Correct. Higher voltage rating just allows for 50V of extra safety margin. That value represents the highest voltage the device can handle without causing damage,

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Super, it’s what I need. I hope it will work.

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Let us know how it goes!

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Coming back from my treadmill issue. Unfortunately the replacement of the part solved partially my issue. The treadmill is not anymore crashing when I start it as before but when it doesn’t want to run. When i push on start, it’s doing nothing. I think I will by a new board since it will take time and cost more money if I continue to try to troubleshoot it. Thank you for your help.
Best regards

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Thank you for coming back and letting us know how it turned out.