Digi serial port server replacements

It looks like the replacement for the Digi TS MEI 4 port server part number 70001807 is being replaced with part number EZ04-WA00-GLB. Just want to confirm if that is correct.
On the old 70001807 model we had to run special CAT 6 cables with 2 wires reversed - is this still true for the new EZ04-WA00-GLB model? This is when going from a serial RS232 to RJ 45 to the device.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I see on our website we still list the part as active on this link:

Lead time appears to be 5-19-2024. So I went to the Digi International website and yes they are recommending the EZ04-WA00-GL. Right now it appears you have to register to get the data sheet so I am unable to check that wires.

Sorry. This one might not be released yet so you would have to fill out the form on the Digi-International website to get to the data sheet.