DigiKey Part Number 1003-ECCV3221-050S0A-ND

  1. How many pins are available in the CCS connector (Digi Key Part Number:
  2. What is the pin difference between 1003-ECCV3221-050S0A-ND and

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As you can see from this part numbering information

the 4th column describes the phase of the cable.
For part ECCV3223-050S0A, it is 3, so it is three-phase (480VAC) with 5 power + 2 signal pins (no of conductor).

For part ECCV3221-050S0A, it is 1, so it is single-phase (250VAC) with 3 Power + 2 signal pins (no of conductor).

See wiring plan:

you can also see the part difference in our website.

I hope this will help.