Need an alternate for Digi-Key p/n 1175-1666-ND

Hello all,

I am currently a University of Miami engineering student who is working on a ocean survey project and am in need of Digi-Key’s p/n 1175-1666-ND for a repair. I am unable to find this anywhere and the L/T is 18 weeks. Is there a drop in replacement for this? or an alternate that will work?


Most solutions that I found required a significant change in either the connector or the cable. I’m assuming that the cable is not a variable in this case, or you’re at least hoping that you don’t have to change the cable.

A possible solution is to use the 20-position variation of the same connector, part number 1175-1667-ND, and simply leave four positions unused. I’m guessing that the extra solder terminations could even be removed, so the question would be whether or not you can accommodate the extra space to one side of the connector in your original design. In many ways, this requires the least amount of compromise compared to solutions that change both the connector and cable.


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The only alternates I found with the same pin spacings are 952-2686-ND and SAM15608-ND.
Both are currently out of stock, but have shorter standard lead times (11 & 8 weeks). Since these are normally stocked parts, the lead time should be shorter.
You can contact our sales department at 1-800-344-4539 and have them check the lead time for both these parts. You can also go on the Digi-Key Live Chat, and chat with Sales for the lead times.

Hi CJatUM,

We’d love to have your business, but it sounds like you are probably in a time crunch. If you can’t use Bill’s good suggestion due to space constraints, you may want to look up the manufacturer’s part numbers from David_1768’s response and throw them into Google. I believe you may have some success going that route…

Thanks David_1768- I ended up using the SAM15608-ND part, worked perfect.

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