Need a connector

I need a plug that fits this connector on a pcb.
I would like to solder it on to a cable. And I also need a cover with strain relief for this.
Can you pleas help me with this?

Upgrade connector

Regards Henrik

Hello Henrik,

Welcome to the Digi-Key tech forum.

So since you don’t seem to have the actual part number of your connector, then the best way to locate a mating product to a connector is to first identify it. From what I found of what we have in stock that looks similar to your picture is part 833-83-016-10-453101-ND. I’m not 100% certain this is the connector in your picture but based on the pitch and the picture its the closest we have in stock currently.

The mating products to that are located at the bottom of that product page.

However, these mating connectors are all board mount as well and not meant for cable connection.
I wasn’t able to find some kind of housing/cover with strain relief for this item or it its mating connectors. These simply aren’t meant for such assembly sorry to say.
Are there some other options you’re considering for your design?

My advice, if it is possible, pick one of these we have in stock (mating connectors will be listed at bottom of detail page) and replace both sides. If you cannot replace the part in the picture, one of these may work but I cannot guarantee it. Please review the datasheets to see if one will suit your application.

Hi @henrik.malm ,

The ruler being used is actually in inches, not millimeters. The space between the pins looks to be 0.2’’ or 5.08mm. The only connector found in our stock remotely similar would be A14381-ND, please review datasheet before ordering as this is not guaranteed to be a direct mate. You may want to use adhesive lined heat shrink tubing for somewhat of a strain relief.

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Hello. The ruler is in mm. Thank you for you help. I will have a look at this. BR/HM

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Thank you for your help. BR/HM

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Thank you for your help. It looks like I can use this one. I only need to find som sort of cableconnector because I can´t do anything about the design. BR/HM

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