Help finding a mating connector

We have a PCB with a 10-pin connector, 3M-D2510-6002. (This is the connector commonly used for JTAG connectors although that’s not what we are using it for).

I am having trouble finding a board-mounted female connector that can mate to this (all I’m finding are cable mounts).

Can anyone help me find an alternative?

Thank you so much!

Hello Zoppina!

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I was able to locate these options that may be what you are looking for:

the only thing to be weary of is with D2510-6002, it is classified as a “Board to cable” connector. This means that the mates meant for it are designed for cable mount. That doesn’t mean these won’t work, it’s just a bit more difficult to locate a solid option.

Also if you look under the Mating Products for the D2510-6002 there is this Board mount mating option as well. It is MSPV10-ND
Another possible option.